Healing Hearts has no boundaries

North Palm Beach resident Paul Reback knows the importance of staying active to maintain good health, and his children have followed in his footsteps. He and his children are all triathletes; his daughter has even competed in the Olympics twice. Every day, Paul, 74, rises before the sun to train, by either running, biking or swimming — and is home before many of us have finished our morning coffee. His theory on training is “Anything is better than nothing.”

Last year, Paul came to see me because he noticed that he was slowing down and couldn’t keep his normal pace and energy level when exercising. After an examination, I diagnosed Paul with heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias) and recommended a cardiac ablation procedure to address the issue. Although this type of procedure is not performed at Jupiter Medical Center, where I am the medical director of the cardiology program, I did not have to think twice about where Paul could still receive world-class care.

Because of Jupiter Medical Center’s partnership with Mount Sinai Heart New York, patients who have complex cardiac care needs, such as open heart surgery, may choose to be treated at Mount Sinai Heart in New York City, and then return home to Jupiter Medical Center for their follow-up treatment — all within a coordinated system of care. A dedicated transfer team works with the patient and their local cardiologist to make arrangements for a quick and seamless transition to and from Mount Sinai Heart New York. The transfer team coordinates hospital admission, insurance approval, air ambulance transfer if required, and provides concierge services upon request. They will also ensure that a patient’s local cardiologist receives timely updates on their condition throughout the duration of care at Mount Sinai Heart New York. This way, all members of a patient’s care team are all on the same page about the next steps in their recovery.

Paul had his cardiac ablation performed by a top electrophysiologist at Mount Sinai Heart New York, and I was able to stay up-to-date on his progress and continue check-ups upon his return home to Palm Beach County. He very quickly returned to exercising and has had an excellent recovery.

The partnership with Mount Sinai Heart New York has allowed our board certified cardiologists and interventional specialists to collaborate on many levels like this one with recognized experts at Mount Sinai Heart New York, known for being a leader in all facets of cardiology care, cardiac surgery and advanced cardiovascular research.

Mount Sinai Heart New York at Jupiter Medical Center is a Level 1 Adult Cardiovascular Center that provides a full spectrum of advanced cardiac care for adults, whether it’s a simple, preventive heart health screening, cardiac rehabilitation or facilitating a complex procedure like Paul’s. Our two stateof the-art cardiac catheterization labs employ the most advanced techniques to detect anomalies and provide catheter based treatment for compromised coronary arteries and valves, heart attacks and vascular problems. These procedures achieve results with minimal discomfort, faster healing times and less risk than traditional surgery.

With heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States, I encourage everyone — even the triathletes among us — to take advantage of our noninvasive diagnostic testing. Heart health screenings include: a risk assessment, height, weight and body mass index assessment, cholesterol and glucose test, EKG, blood pressure and heart-rate check, and counseling with a cardiac nurse. To make an appointment to get screened, call 561-263-4437. 

For more information on Mount Sinai Heart New York at Jupiter Medical Center,  visit  jupitermed.com/mountsinaiheart 

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